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Joe Bumhug
Farmington, MN
United States

RIP Rev 105?

Welcome to the Revolution.

Let's put first things first and throw in the links for my chat, discussion board, guest book, URL adder, and bands page.

OK, then.

I just wanted to say that Rev 105 was THE radio station in the Twin Cities that offered true musical diversity, and that I mourn its loss and hope to God that it isn't a permanent one.

See, I wouldn't mind so much if they just wanted to play more of the Rock and Metal, but what about the underground type music they played? The punk? Rev gave a change as Edge turned into the station that played "I could never be your woman..." over 20 times a day. I want back the station where I heard more than 2 different Social Distortion songs.


According to Kevin Cole, former Station Manager at Rev105, it's important that we express our feelings by sending letters directly to Cargill Communications. The address for Cargill is:

Cargill Communications
611 Frontenac Place
St. Paul, MN 55104

Tell them politely, but firmly, that we loved Rev, and we want it back. It may not convince the Disney Triad, but it will help Kevin and the crew get a station like Rev back on the air!

I'd like to thank all the people utilizing this site in the struggle of Revolution, it's appreciated. I will continue adding links to Rev sites as they pop up and I find out about them.

If there is anything you'd like to see here that you don't, feel free to give me a jingle. I wonder what people would think about a Rev Radio Station on the Web, as well...

"To anyone who is willing: Please boycott all FM radio. You cannot trust anyone to not be a part of this. Listen to Radio K only. 770 AM. It's the closest thing you will find to Rev and they support Rev." -- Calley Graham

I'm a bit suprised at all the frenzy on the Web that this his caused. Being my second home :o), I'm used to how slooww everything works on here most of the time...just goes to show the devotion of fans of that fine institution, Rev.

In response to an e-mail I recieved recently, I'd like to extend the invitation of the designing and hosting of a Web page/site for any local punk/ska/oi/hardcore band that Rev may (or may not) have played, that need one.

I'll be working on the upkeep of this site off and on until we prove successful, but unfortunately not much too much as I have plenty of school and work to also keep me occupied...long live the Revolution.

"Don't forget to e-mail our senators, congresspeople, and governor Arne Carlson. You can find the adresses for Wellstone et. al at And if you go to Yahoo and type in Governor Arne Carlson, it will come up with his homepage/e-mail. Let's get our voices heard. -- Kate O'Meara

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